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Sữa Morinaga số 0 có tốt không? Mách mẹ 4 yếu tố quan trọng

Có phải bạn đang tìm kiếm chủ đề về => Sữa Morinaga số 0 có tốt ko? Méc mẹ 4 yếu tố quan trọng phải ko? Nếu đúng tương tự thì mời bạn xem nó ngay tại đây. Xem thêm các tri thức hay về làm đẹp khác tại đây => Làm Đẹp

Many parents, especially those with their first child, wonder Morinaga milk zero is good No, is it suitable for my child? The following article SAKUKO will answer for you, as well as share factors to consider when choosing milk for babies 0 – 12 months old.

469,000 won

  • Supplement Lactoferrin to support the digestive system
  • Supplementing with probiotics Bifidus prevents constipation
  • Supplementing with DHA / ARA helps babies develop eyesight and brain
  • The taste is similar to breast milk, you can feed your baby with both breast milk and formula

189,000 won

  • Compact stick form convenient for dispensing and carrying.
  • The taste and aroma are similar to breast milk, so the baby cooperates to drink and does not hate the mother.
  • Supplementing with Lactoferrin, naturally found in breast milk, helps strengthen the immune system.
  • Lactulose and Raffinose ingredients help babies absorb and digest better, limiting constipation.

What is the best milk for your baby?

Breast milk is the best milk for the growth of babies. However, in case you need to supplement with infant formula, a good milk product will need to meet the following criteria:

Discover 4 criteria to choose good milk for your baby:

  • Suitable for each child’s characteristics: Mothers should not be based on high or low prices or the quantity of nutrients to choose milk for their children. Because good milk must be the most suitable product for children. For example, a premature baby with a cow’s protein allergy should use specialized milk powder to limit allergies. If your baby shows signs of constipation, milk with fiber and prebiotics will be the right choice.
  • Suitable for baby’s age: Formula milks are usually numbered and recommended according to what age the baby is. Please pay attention to learn to choose the right milk for your baby’s age.
  • Has a taste and composition similar to breast milk: This will help you feed your baby both breast milk and formula, and reduce the risk of your baby giving up breast milk.
  • Prestigious brand, clear origin: to ensure to provide children with the safest and best nutrition in the first years of life.

Good milk is the right milk for the baby

Good milk is the right milk for the baby

To know which type of milk is really suitable for your baby, you need to give it a try. If the baby has the following symptoms, it is most likely that the baby is suitable for milk. Accordingly, you can consider choosing for your baby to drink:

  • Baby will drink milk
  • Baby can drink the right amount of milk according to age
  • Gain weight evenly
  • Because milk provides enough nutrients, the baby is calm, so he sleeps well, less fussy
  • Normal bowel movements, no constipation, no diarrhea.

Is Morinaga milk 0 good for babies?

As analyzed above, a good dairy product will need to meet all 4 criteria, including: suitable for babies; suitable for the age of the baby; has the same taste and ingredients as breast milk and has a brand name, reputation, and clear origin. Considering these 4 criteria, it can be affirmed that Morinaga milk No.0 (Japan) is a good milk product for babies. Because:

Morinaga Milk No.0 is suitable for children’s development characteristics

Morinaga Milk No. 0 is a domestic Japanese dairy product. Milk is carefully researched to match the physical and geographical characteristics of Asians. Therefore, Morinaga milk is completely suitable for the development characteristics of Vietnamese children.

Morinaga provides children with a variety and full of nutritional ingredients to help them develop comprehensively both physically and intellectually. Milk is added with Lactoferrin and Nucleotides to help strengthen the baby’s resistance. You can also rest assured that your baby will use cool Morinaga milk without having to worry about your baby being constipated or having overweight or obesity.

Morinaga milk 0 is good for babies 0 - 1 year old

Morinaga milk 0 is suitable for the development characteristics of children under 1 year old

Morinaga milk 0 is suitable for children’s ages

Morinaga milk 0 is considered good and suitable for the first stage of a baby’s life, from 0 to 12 months old. The nutritional composition of milk is optimized to meet the highest needs of the child’s development during this critical period.

Morinaga milk 0 has the same taste and ingredients as breast milk

Morinaga is proud to be the first formula company to add Lactoferrin antibodies to milk ingredients. Lactoferrin helps the taste of Morinaga zero milk closely resemble breast milk and strengthens the baby’s immune system.

In addition, Morinaga No. 0 is also added with Raffinose ingredient to help the milk taste cool and sweet. Mothers can safely feed their babies with both breast milk and Morinaga formula without having to worry about giving up breast milk. At the same time, babies using Morinaga milk do not worry about constipation and overweight and obesity.

Morinaga Milk No. 0 has a reputable brand, clear origin

Morinaga is a well-known, long-standing milk brand, developed in 1971 and manufactured by Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Morinaga has a reputable brand, a clear origin and is one of the formula choices recommended by Japanese doctors. This is possible thanks to Morinaga milk in strict compliance with food safety and hygiene standards; suitable to the characteristics, development and age of children according to each developmental stage.

Not only receiving the trust in Japan, Morinaga milk is also widely used and accompanied by many families in many different countries and regions. Up to now, Morinaga has become one of the world’s leading dairy groups, in the top 10 largest dairy companies in the world. So you can safely use Morinaga No.0 for your baby’s first nutritional baggage.

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Compare Morinaga milk with other milk brands

Comparative Criteria




Nutritional ingredients

Lactoferrin supplement, full of nutrients such as DHA, 5 types of Nucleotides and minerals: Iron, Calcium, Vitamin D…

Supplement with vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium, protein, iron…

Vitamins, minerals, DHA are balanced supplement. Glico No.0 milk has the same sodium content as natural milk, suitable for babies aged 0-1 years.


Cool, gentle, almost like mother’s milk

Cool, almost like mother’s milk

Almost like breast milk

Outstanding nutritional ingredients

The first formula milk with Lactoferrin protein

FOS fiber helps protect the intestinal tract, good for the digestive system

DHA; beneficial bacteria Bifidus; Nucleotide nutrients

Cool or nóng milk?

Cooler than Meiji and Glico



How to pack

Tin box; paper box

Tin box; paper box

Tin box; paper box


About 490,000 VND – 520,000 VND/ 800g tin box

About 445,000 VND – 555,000 VND / 800g tin box

About 525,000 VND – 625,000 VND / 800g tin box

Outstanding feature

Milk towards comprehensive and balanced development

Milk towards comprehensive development

Best weight gain milk

Advantages and disadvantages of Morinaga milk

To better understand Morinaga milk, let’s find out the pros and cons of this milk with SAKUKO.


  • Pioneer in supplementing with Lactoferrin to help children increase resistance and absorb nutrients well.
  • Supplementing with DHA helps children develop brain and vision.
  • Contains 2 types of sugars, Lactulose and Raffinose, to help strengthen intestinal bacteria, increase absorption, and protect children’s digestive system.
  • The milk’s mild, natural flavor is similar to breast milk, making it easier for babies to drink.
  • Milk is cool, so the baby will not have indigestion or constipation when drinking.
  • The baby is well-balanced, strong, agile, active, and not obese.


  • The price is quite high.
  • Babies who drink Morinaga milk do not gain weight as quickly and as much as when drinking European powdered milk. Therefore, Morinaga is suitable for children who want to develop a balanced body. For stunted children who want to gain weight, you should learn other specialized weight gain milk.

Reviews from mothers who have used Morinaga milk 0 for babies

Reviews from mothers who have used Morinaga 0 milk for their children mostly have good reviews about the quality of this milk for children. Such as:

  • Morinaga is one of four major dairy companies licensed by Japan to export to Vietnam.
  • The Ministry of Health has inspected, licensed, and allowed Morinaga milk to be circulated nationwide.
  • Morinaga is a product that clearly shows the perfectionism and meticulousness of the Japanese people. Good product and worth using for baby.
  • Milk has a taste like breast milk, cool, gentle, rich in nutrients.
  • Milk supplement beneficial bacteria, good for the digestive system of children.
  • Babies who drink Morinaga milk do not have constipation, diarrhea or gastrointestinal problems.
  • Babies easily absorb nutrients from milk and develop comprehensively both physically and intellectually.
  • Children who drink Morinaga have better resistance, are healthier and less likely to get sick.

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Morinaga milk 0 is considered good for babies

Morinaga Milk No.0 with a taste similar to breast milk helps babies cooperate in drinking and not giving up on the mother’s breast.

Questions and answers about Morinaga milk No. 0

Besides the question “Is Morinaga milk at zero good” when learning about this type of milk, parents have many other questions. Here is a summary of the most common questions and answers for your reference:

Morinaga milk bought at SAKUKO far away date?

All SAKUKO products distributed on the market in general and Morinaga milk products in particular have a long shelf life and a far date. Parents can go directly to SAKUKO’s showroom system to see the expiration date on the product packaging, or call the hotline: 1800 0010 for quick advice.

SAKUKO - good and quality Morinaga milk distribution address

SAKUKO is the place you can trust to shop for domestic Japanese goods

Does Morinaga milk purchased at SAKUKO have a seal on the product?

SAKUKO is the leading distributor of Japanese domestic products in Vietnam, licensed by the authorities to operate. Therefore, Morinaga milk purchased at SAKUKO all have seals, labels, and clear origins in accordance with regulations for imported products.

Is there any promotion to buy milk at SAKUKO?

SAKUKO often has monthly promotions or special occasions of the year. Mothers can follow Fanpage of SAKUKO or update attractive vouchers here.

What types of milk Morinaga 0 have?

SAKUKO distributes Morinaga No.0 milk throughout its system, including 2 types: 800g tin box and 10-bar paper box. These two products have different prices but both provide quality nutrition for babies 0-12 months old.

Does Morinaga milk gain weight?

Morinaga milk with formula focusing on all-round development for children should help them gain weight. However, the baby will gain weight and height balance, not increase rapidly. Therefore, the mother can rest assured that the baby using Morinaga milk will not be obese.

How to make Morinaga No. 0 milk?

1 horizontal spoon (spoon in the product box) is equivalent to about 5.6g milk. One spoon of milk can mix 40ml of milk for the baby to drink.

How to make milk

  1. Put the number of spoons of milk you want to mix into the bottle.
  2. Put about 1/2 the amount of water to be mixed into the bottle (about 50 degrees Celsius) and shake well to dissolve the powdered milk.

  3. Add the amount of water to achieve the correct mixing specification.

  4. Wait for the milk to cool and then drink it before giving it to your baby.

Tips for making milk

After making the milk, you can put a few drops of milk on your hand to check the appropriate temperature before giving it to your baby.

How to preserve Morinaga milk No.

To ensure the best quality Morinaga milk, store it in a cool, dry place. You should not keep milk in the refrigerator, in direct sunlight or in a place with high temperatures.

To prevent the milk from being contaminated with dirt and bacteria, after each milk collection, close the milk cap tightly and discreetly. You should let your baby use up all the milk within 1 month of opening.

Hopefully through this article SAKUKO has partly answered the question “Is Morinaga milk zero good” and help you know the notes when choosing milk for babies from 0 – 12 months old. Nutritional baggage for children in the first years of life is very important, SAKUKO wishes you to choose the most suitable milk for your baby.

Order Morinaga Milk No.0 at SAKUKO now to receive an attractive promotion, “Good milk for babies, saving money for moms”.

To receive more detailed advice about Morinaga milk at 0 and order quickly, mothers can contact immediately at the number.

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