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Sữa Meiji thanh có tốt không, kinh nghiệm “vàng” khi chọn mua

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Meiji milk bars have 2 types, Meiji bars of 0 (0 – 1 years old) and Meiji bars of 9 (1 – 3 years old). So is Meiji milk bar good? The answer is that Meiji milk is good, easy to absorb, helps to increase height and gain weight steadily for the baby. Let’s learn more about the quality of Meiji bar milk through the article below, mom!

515,000 won

  • Concentrated bar, easy to dissolve, convenient to carry when going out, and mix the right amount.
  • Rich in essential vitamins and minerals with a ratio suitable for the new nutritional needs of 1-3 year old babies.
  • Supplement with lots of DHA to support the development of vision and brain for babies.
  • Contains FOS, Nucleotides to strengthen immunity, digestive system, limit constipation.

545,000 won

  • Convenient stick form to carry when going out and make the correct order easier.
  • The taste is similar to breast milk, helping the baby not to hate the mother.
  • Supplementing with natural fiber FOS helps babies with less constipation, porous, soft stools, good digestion.
  • Balanced nutritional formula, supports the comprehensive development of height – weight, body – intelligence.

Is Japan’s Meiji Milk Bar any good?

Highlights of Meiji Milk Bar

Meiji milk bar of Japan scores in the hearts of many wise mothers not only because of its origin from a reputable corporation but also because of its ability to effectively promote the comprehensive development of the baby:

Origin highlights: Meiji bar is a product of Japan’s leading dairy company – Meiji, with more than 100 years of experience in the mother and baby industry. Products are manufactured on modern technological lines, strictly complying with Japan’s requirements for quality and food hygiene.

Meiji bar number 0 (left) and Meiji bar number 9 (right).

Meiji bar number 0 (left) and Meiji bar number 9 (right).

Usage highlights:

  • Anti-constipation, good absorption and digestion:
    • Meiji milk added soluble fiber (FOS – Fructo-oligosaccharides) to increase the amount of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, thereby improving the baby’s constipation.
    • Meiji bar contains Nucleotide – a nutrient that contributes to the normalization of the intestinal microflora, promotes the increase of antibodies and improves the immunity of the child. Thanks to this nutrient, the baby’s digestive system can work stably.
  • Help your baby to be strong, increase good height: Meiji milk bars from Japan are highly appreciated by many mothers because of its ability to promote ideal height growth according to each stage of their child’s development, ensuring their children have strong and strong bones thanks to their high calcium content and minerals. substances such as Magnesium, Phosphorus and many different vitamins.
Ingredient Meiji Milk Bar No. 0 Meiji Milk Bar No. 9
Calcium (Calcium) mg 380 715
Vitamin A μg 390 500
Vitamin B1 mg 0.4 0.7
Vitamin B2 mg 0.6 0.8
Vitamin B6 mg 0.3 0.7
Vitamin B12 μg 2 1.2
Vitamin C mg 70 60
Vitamin D μg 6.5 4.2
  • Enhance immune health, baby less sick: Nucleotides, iron, zinc, vitamins D, C, A, … in Meiji milk bar help improve the immune system, increase resistance, and contribute to the fight against bacteria that cause diarrhea, diphtheria, and inflammation. meningitis and many other dangerous diseases are common in young children.

Meiji Milk Bar is good for babies

With a rich nutrient system, Meiji bar contributes to increasing resistance, supporting the baby to develop a balance between height, weight, brain,…

  • Support the baby’s brain and eyesight to develop well: Arachidonic acid (ARA) is a fatty acid found in many brains and retinas. In Meiji milk bar contains DHA (100mg/100g) and ARA (67mg/100g) to help develop baby’s brain, nervous system and vision.

Flavor highlights: Meiji bar is a cool milk, with a very natural taste, similar to breast milk, making it easy for babies to cooperate with milk without strange mouth.

Mother breastfeeding Meiji bar milk

Your baby will not feel strange when drinking Meiji milk because the milk has a very similar taste to breast milk.

Packing highlights:

  • Handy, easy to carry: It is also powdered milk, but instead of the usual finely ground form, Meiji bars are pressed into small cubes of milk with a low pressure of about 2 MPa. In solid form, the milk tablet looks compact, hard to break, but when it meets water, it is very soluble. The milk capsules are placed in small bags called milk bars. Each milk bar contains about 5 tablets, enough for 1-2 uses. With such a compact milk bar, mothers can put it in their bags and conveniently carry it when they go out with their babies.
  • Easy to mix in the right quantity, no measuring spoon needed: Using Meiji milk bars helps mothers make milk for their babies simpler and faster. Each time, the mother only needs to put the appropriate number of milk tablets for the child’s age and the corresponding amount of water into the bottle, no longer having to use a spoon and push back and forth many times to measure the correct amount of milk.
  • Ease of maintenance: Meiji bars from Japan are packed into individual bars and placed in small bags, making it easy for mothers to store milk. If you don’t use it, just use a pin, an elastic band or a butterfly clip to close the mouth of the bag and place it in a cool, dry place.

Japanese Meiji Milk Tablets

Meiji stick is compressed into small milk pellets but is very soluble in water.

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Compare Meiji Milk Bars with Meiji Milk Tins

Besides milk bars, Meiji also has a line of tin cans for babies. Therefore, when finding out whether Meiji milk bars are good or not, many mothers wonder if Meiji milk bars and tin cans are different and which one is better. Below XachTayNhat.Store will help you point out some similarities and differences between these two products:

Same: Meiji milk bars and tin cans have the same basic use and ingredients, and are able to provide essential nutrients for the comprehensive development of babies.

Difference: Meiji stick and tin box differ only in packaging and usage.

  • Bar Meiji:
    • In essence, milk bars are also powdered milk but are compressed into small milk pellets, divided into 5 tablets corresponding to a milk bar. When using, the mother just needs to open the bag and take the number of milk tablets corresponding to the ml of water to be mixed for the baby into the bottle, no need to use a measuring spoon.
    • If you want to carry it away, you just need to take a few small milk bars and put them in your bag or suitcase to make it easy for your baby to make when needed.

Meiji milk bars are good for use

Meiji Milk Bar is divided into compact, convenient, easy-to-mix and easy-to-store pellets.

  • Meiji tin box/can: Unlike the stick form, the Meiji tin can requires a measuring spoon when making milk. Tin cans are quite bulky and take up a lot of space in suitcases and bags if mothers need to carry milk when traveling. Therefore, this packaging is only suitable for home use, should not be taken when traveling.

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Reviews of Japanese Meiji milk bars from real users

In order to help mothers evaluate whether or not Japan’s Meiji bar milk is good in the most objective way, XachTayNhat.Store has compiled a number of reviews and actual reviews of product users below:

Review from motherhood forum

Walking around forums and groups to share experiences of raising children, mothers can easily find good feedback and reviews about Meiji bar milk. On the webtretho forum, many parents commented that the Meiji milk bar tasted similar to breast milk:

Review is Meiji thah milk good from mom meHalun

The meHalun nick “hunts” for Meiji because it sounds like a milk that tastes similar to breast milk.

The compactness of the Meiji stick is also a plus point in the eyes of wise mothers. With the convenient packaging of this product, mothers can comfortably carry milk when traveling.

Review whether Meiji thah milk is good from mom khachuan890

User khachuan890 expressed satisfaction with the clever packaging of the Meiji stick.

Review from the Facebook group

In Facebook groups, there is no shortage of winged praise for Meiji milk bars.

Review whether Meiji thah milk is good from mother nguyephuongtram

Mother Nguyen Thi Phuong Tram would like to review Meiji bar from members of the formula milk review association and receive extremely good reviews.

Review Meiji milk good bar of mother Ngoc Nguyen

Similarly, mother Ngoc Nguyen also posted to look for real reviews of Meiji bar milk.

review meiji milk good bar from formula milk review society

To answer the question of mother Ngoc Nguyen, a member of the formula review group praised Meiji’s milk for being cool, fragrant and good for the baby’s digestive system.

Advice on buying good Meiji milk bars for babies

Know the type of product that corresponds to your baby’s age

Meiji milk 0 for children from 0 to 1 year old:

  • Small box weighing 27g x 16 bars, each bar has 5 tablets, each tablet is mixed with about 40ml of water.

Packaging Meiji No.0 in the form of a 16-bar box.

Packaging Meiji No.0 in the form of a 16-bar box.

  • Medium box weighing 27g x 24 bars, each bar has 5 tablets, each tablet is mixed with about 40ml of water.

Meiji bar number 0 box weight 27g x 24 bars.

Meiji bar number 0 box weight 27g x 24 bars.

  • Large box of 48 bars, is a combo of 2 medium boxes of 24 bars.

Meiji bar number 0 combo 2 boxes total 48 bars.

Meiji bar number 0 combo 2 boxes total 48 bars.

Meiji Milk No. 9 for children from 1 to 3 years old:

  • Small box weighing 28g x 16 bars, each bar has 5 tablets, each tablet is mixed with about 40ml of water.

Meiji bar number 9 box of 16 bars.

Meiji bar number 9 box of 16 bars.

  • Medium box weighing 28g x 24 bars, each bar has 5 tablets, each tablet is mixed with about 40ml of water.

Meiji bar No. 9 medium box.

  • Large box of 48 bars, is a combo of 2 medium boxes of 24 bars.

Meiji No. 9 combo of 2 boxes fits a total of 48 bars.

Meiji No. 9 combo of 2 boxes fits a total of 48 bars.

Buy the bar individually if you want to try it out

If you want to buy Meiji milk bars to try, you can buy a few bars individually at stores, large supermarkets or buy a small box of 16 bars.

Where to buy Meiji milk bars with Japanese standards?

Meiji milk bar is a good baby formula product. Mothers can rest assured to buy genuine milk at XachTayNhat.Store Japanese Store – the leading domestic Japanese supermarket chain in Vietnam.

XachTayNhat.Store is committed to providing 100% Meiji milk bar Japan domestic Genuine. The unit also promises to bring an unforgettable experience to customers with a convenient, modern shopping space, a series of attractive incentive programs and the dedicated service of sales and consulting staff.

XachTayNhat.Store Japanese Store

Modern shopping space at XachTayNhat.Store Japanese Store

Reference price of Meiji bars at XachTayNhat.Store Japanese Store

Meiji milk bars sold at XachTayNhat.Store Japanese Store come in two varieties. The reference price of Meiji milk is:

  • Meiji bar zero with the price of 575,000 VND for 24 bars.
  • Meiji bar number 9 with the price of 525,000 VND for 24 bars.

Q&A about Meiji milk bars

Does Meiji Milk Bar have any disadvantages?

The smallest box of Meiji milk bars consists of 16 bars, if you want to buy fewer bars, there is no way to meet them, but you can only buy them separately. However, this disadvantage does not affect milk quality.

What is the shelf life of Meiji milk bars?

The shelf life of Meiji milk bars is 18 months from the date of manufacture.

How long does a half-used Meiji milk bar last?

If the mother uses the Meiji milk bar halfway, it is necessary to clamp the mouth of the bag tightly to avoid moldy and bacterial infection. The half-used Meiji milk bar can last for the longest time within 1 week.

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Through the above article and sharing, the mother must have had the answer to the question of whether Meiji bar milk is good. Please contact XachTayNhat.Store – the leading domestic distributor of Japanese goods if you have any questions or want to buy genuine Meiji milk at a good price.

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#Sữa #Meiji #thanh #có #tốt #ko #kinh #nghiệm #vàng #lúc #chọn #sắm


#Sữa #Meiji #thanh #có #tốt #ko #kinh #nghiệm #vàng #lúc #chọn #sắm


#Sữa #Meiji #thanh #có #tốt #ko #kinh #nghiệm #vàng #lúc #chọn #sắm


#Sữa #Meiji #thanh #có #tốt #ko #kinh #nghiệm #vàng #lúc #chọn #sắm


#Sữa #Meiji #thanh #có #tốt #ko #kinh #nghiệm #vàng #lúc #chọn #sắm



#Sữa #Meiji #thanh #có #tốt #ko #kinh #nghiệm #vàng #lúc #chọn #sắm

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