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Omelette Là Gì

a dish made by mixing eggs together and frying them, often with small pieces of other food such as cheese or vegetables:

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As livermush”s popularity has risen, it has appeared as an ingredient in dishes such as omelettes and pizzas.
Often seasoned with ghee (clarified butter) and achaar (oil-based pickle), it is accompanied with meat curries, fish, potato chops, eggplants and omelettes.
Like the present-day museum, the gallery showed contemporary craft objects and folk art and the restaurant featured a long list of ethnically-inspired omelettes.
A pancake house is a restaurant that specializes in breakfast items such as pancakes, waffles, and omelettes, among other items.
Powdered eggs can be used without rehydration when baking, and can be rehydrated to make dishes such as scrambled eggs and omelettes.
The gallery sold fine craft and traditional art from world cultures; the restaurant served over 50 varieties of omelettes.
Simple everyday vegetables are used to create stews and omelettes that are healthy yet nutritious, and full of energy and flair.
The menu is considered to have a number of superb selections including buttermilk pancakes, bacon waffles, hash browns, and eggs prepared in a number of different styles including omelettes.
The foods served at such tables include: “pasta con sarde” (spaghetti with sardines); “lenticchie” (lentils); and various “froscie” (omelettes) made with “cardoon” (wild artichoke), “cicoria” (dandelion) and other homely vegetables.
We are standing for a new form of government, and you cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs.

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