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[ĐÁNH GIÁ THỰC TẾ] Sữa bầu Morinaga tốt không?

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Morinaga pregnant milk is a product of the famous Morinaga Milk Industry corporation in the powdered milk production industry in Japan. Is Morinaga pregnant milk good – if you are wondering about this question, let’s explore the quality and advantages of the product with XachTayNhat.Store in the article below!.

255,000 won

  • Coffee flavor is sweet, easy to drink, convenient to carry and prepare.
  • Balanced nutrition focuses on raising children, so the mother does not gain much weight.
  • Very low sugar content helps pregnant women limit indigestion and reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.
  • Rich in fiber helps pregnant women avoid constipation.

255,000 won

  • Easy-to-drink green tea, natural light sweetness, convenient stick form to carry and prepare.
  • Providing balanced nutrition focusing on fetal development, the mother does not gain much weight.
  • Very low sugar content limits indigestion, reduces the risk of gestational diabetes.
  • Rich in fiber helps pregnant women avoid constipation.

Review of Japanese Morinaga milk

Morinaga is a familiar name for many pregnant women interested in pregnant milk products from Japan. On forums, parenting groups, this product is also constantly mentioned with positive feedback. Mothers who are wondering “Is Japanese Morinaga milk good?” You can refer to some actual reviews below:

Reviews from forums

On the webtretho motherhood sharing forum, Morinaga’s pregnancy milk is praised and appreciated by many mothers:

Account Thanhthanh9989 commented whether Morinaga milk is good

The accounts Thanhthanh9989 and Susu_1188 both share about the easy-drinking taste of Morinaga’s milk.

Account Nganflame commented that Morinaga milk is good

Also in this post, Morinaga pregnancy milk is also supported by many mothers because it helps the baby absorb well.

Review from Facebook

Right under the post of the SAKUKO Japanese Store fanpage, many mothers left comments expressing their satisfaction with the product. Not only that, they also recommend to family and friends to use:

Mothers commented praising the taste and effects of Morinaga's pregnancy milk and recommending the product to relatives and friends.

Mothers commented praising the taste and effects of Morinaga’s pregnancy milk and recommending the product to relatives and friends.

Is Morinaga Japanese pregnant milk good?

Morinaga pregnancy milk from Japan is a product with good effects for mother and fetus with many outstanding advantages. That outstanding point belongs to the nutritional balance between mother and baby, effective improvement of mother’s health, easy to drink and convenient packaging.

Provide nutrients for the comprehensive development of the fetus

Morinaga pregnant milk contains a variety of nutrients to ensure the best development of the fetus. The specific nutritional composition of 1 pack of Morinaga pregnant milk is presented in the table below:

Nutritional composition of Morinaga pregnant milk in 18g milk

Energy 67 kcal Vitamin C 30 mg
The protein 1.4g Vitamin D 3.0 μg
Lipids 1.1g Vitamin E 1.3 mg
Carbohydrates 13.75g Niacin 1.0 mg
Road 12.5mg Pantothenic acid 0.5 mg
Fiber 1.25g Folic Acid 160 μg
Vitamin A 150 μg Potassium 200mg
Vitamin B1 0.22 mg Calcium 150mg
Vitamin B2 0.25 mg Iron 3.5mg
Vitamin B6 0.32 mg Linolic Acid 140mg
Vitamin B12 0.50 μg α-Linolenic acid 15mg

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From the table of ingredients above, you can see that Morinaga’s milk contains many outstanding ingredients that are important for the development of the fetus:

  • Iron Help pregnant mothers to supplement blood, maintain the mother’s immune system. In addition, iron has the effect of forming red blood cells and brain development for the fetus.
  • Folic acid sida in DNA synthesis and reduces the risk of neural tube defects and birth defects in babies.
  • Magnesium, Calcium: Supports the formation of bones and teeth of the fetus.
  • B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 & B12): Supports the development of the baby’s nervous system.
  • Vitamin E is one of the important substances that protect the lungs and retina of the newborn when it has to adapt to the new environment after birth.

Morinaga milk from Japan is good for pregnant women and babies

The nutritional components of Morinaga’s milk help the fetus develop healthy.

Focusing on nutrition on the fetus, helping the baby gain weight but not causing the mother to gain too much weight

The nutritional content of Japanese Morinaga pregnant milk focuses on the development of the fetus, so the mother will not gain too much weight but the baby is still full and healthy. This helps to minimize the worry of losing shape and losing the mother’s balanced body after pregnancy.

Contains Oligo Sugar

Oligo is a healthy sugar for pregnant women, helps to stimulate digestion, lower cholesterol, fight obesity, and is safe for diabetics.

Rich in fiber to help pregnant women avoid constipation

Morinaga pregnant milk is fortified with a large amount of fiber with 1.25g in each 18g of milk, which means that every 100g of milk contains nearly 7g of fiber, while other types of milk contain only 3g-6g. This is an important ingredient to help develop healthy intestinal microflora of mother and baby, and at the same time limit constipation and difficult absorption for pregnant women.

Happy pregnant mom

Morinaga pregnant milk contains a large amount of fiber, limiting constipation for mothers during pregnancy.

Cool, hypoallergenic, safe for pregnant women

Japanese Morinaga pregnant milk has low sugar and fat derived from plants, and contains a lot of fiber, so the milk is cool, easy to drink, provides adequate nutrients without worrying about causing allergies to the mother.

Relieve nausea, bloating for pregnant women

Morinaga’s milk contains plant-based fats that are easy to digest. The product also adds a sufficient amount of lactase enzyme to help reduce nausea, vomiting, indigestion or diarrhea for pregnant women.

Various flavors, easy to drink

Understanding that mothers during pregnancy often suffer from morning sickness and picky eaters, the manufacturer of Morinaga pregnant milk has launched 3 easy-to-drink flavors, giving mothers flexibility to change including coffee, matcha and milk tea.

  • Morinaga milkshake coffee flavor has light brown milk powder, mild sweetness and aroma of coffee. Mothers do not need to worry whether milk contains caffeine, because the smell of coffee is created by synthetic flavors, not pure coffee, very safe for mother and baby.
  • Morinaga milk tea flavored milk tea has creamy milk powder, tastes as delicious as milk tea cups and is rated as better when cold. This flavor can definitely conquer even the most picky eaters who are suffering from morning sickness.
  • Morinaga pregnancy milk matcha flavor has light green milk powder, neither too sweet nor too fat, both helping mothers to change their taste and relax without fear of being bored with milk.

3 flavors of Morinaga milkshake

All 3 flavors of Morinaga milk coffee, matcha, and milk tea are delicious and easy to drink

Packed in easy-to-mix, easy-to-store sachets

Morigana pregnant milk is packaged in small 18g packages, a box of 12 packs. Each time, mothers only need to take out a packet to mix, which is both quick, convenient, and easy to accurately measure the amount of milk. In addition, this packaging is easier to store than canned milk. The compact milk bags help mothers bring to work, travel conveniently.

Various ways to drink

Another highlight of Morinaga’s milk is that it can be drunk nóng or cold, unlike other milks that can only be drunk warm. Mothers can choose a suitable drink according to their preferences.

Morinaga pregnant milk mixed

Mom can drink Morinaga milk nóng or cold as you like.

Q&A about Japanese Morinaga milk

Which flavor is easiest to drink, is there any minus point, how to distinguish real Morinaga pregnancy milk from kém chất lượng,… if you have these concerns, let’s find the answer with XachTayNhat.Store in the following question and answer section!

Which flavor is the easiest to drink Morinaga milk?

Currently, Morinaga baby milk has 3 flavors, which are green tea (matcha), milk tea (milk tea) and coffee. Each type has its own unique flavor, easy to drink, not picky users.

Morinaga's Milk Flavors

Morinaga pregnant milk has a variety of flavors and is easy to drink.

You can learn more about the flavor profile of each Morinaga milkshake here:

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Does Morinaga pregnant milk have any disadvantages?

Morinaga pregnant milk is an ideal source of nutrition for pregnant women, the only minus point is that the price of milk is a bit high compared to the common ground. However, the price of milk is completely commensurate with the quality that the product brings.

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How to recognize kém chất lượng Morinaga milk?

Mothers can identify real Morinaga pregnancy milk – kém chất lượng by some of the following ways:

  • Barcode check: Mothers can download applications specialized in barcode scanning to check the barcode printed on the box.
  • Check the packaging: If the milk carton has unusual signs such as blurred, erased, or unclear printed details, or missing information on the manufacturer or production batch, mothers should be wary of fakes and imitations.
  • Taste: Morinaga milk for pregnant women often has a cool, sweet, and easy-to-drink taste. If you taste a strange taste, you should contact the product distribution store to ask for clarification because it may be a kém chất lượng.

Barcode of Morinaga pregnancy milk is printed on the side of the box.

Barcode of Morinaga pregnancy milk is printed on the side of the box.

How long is the shelf life of Morinaga milk?

The shelf life of domestic Morinaga pregnant milk is 18 months from the date of manufacture. Another point to note is that the expiration date on the milk packaging is according to the year/month/day rule. Follow this rule, mom can read the exact expiration date of milk!

The place to buy reputable Morinaga pregnant milk

If you are looking for an address to buy Morinaga pregnancy milk genuine quality then XachTayNhat.Store Japanese Store is a suggestion for mom. Through the 10-year development journey, XachTayNhat.Store has constantly affirmed its leading position in the retail industry of Japanese domestic products in the Vietnamese market.

Coming to XachTayNhat.Store, mom can easily buy goods through two channels: trực tuyến and offline:

  • Trực tuyến sales channels include: website, fanpage, shopee help mom not have to travel to still be able to receive goods at home.
  • Direct sales channel: System of more than 30 supermarkets present in many provinces and cities such as Hanoi, Hai Phong, Lang Son, Ha Giang, Vinh Phuc, etc., making it convenient for mothers to visit and shop directly.

XachTayNhat.Store Store

XachTayNhat.Store Japanese Store is the address to buy genuine and reputable Morinaga pregnancy milk for mothers.

When buying Morinaga pregnancy milk at XachTayNhat.Store Japanese Store, mothers will receive many benefits:

  • XachTayNhat.Store is a direct importer of domestic Morinaga milk from Japan and distributed in Vietnam market, so it always ensures 100% genuine products.
  • Regularly enjoy promotions and incentives, helping mothers save a considerable amount of money when buying milk.
  • Mom will be consulted by XachTayNhat.Store’s staff to easily make the best and most suitable choices.
  • Diverse sales channels (supermarkets, agents, websites, fanpages, e-commerce platforms,…), mothers can flexibly choose each purchase option depending on their conditions and habits.

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Hope the useful information in the above article has helped you answer the question Morinaga pregnancy milk good?, thereby adding confidence to choose this product. If you still have questions about the quality of Morinaga’s milk, please immediately contact the hotline of XachTayNhat.Store Japanese Store for further advice.

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#ĐÁNH #GIÁ #THỰC #TẾ #Sữa #bầu #Morinaga #tốt #ko


#ĐÁNH #GIÁ #THỰC #TẾ #Sữa #bầu #Morinaga #tốt #ko


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