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Cách pha sữa Glico số 0, số 1 CHUẨN theo hướng dẫn của NSX

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Glico milk from Japan is the milk line that many Vietnamese mothers trust and choose for their babies. However, in order for milk to have the best effect, it depends in no small part on how Glico milk is mixed. So, how to mix Glico milk is standard, please find out in the following article.

499,000 won

  • Provide balanced nutrition for 9 – 36 months old baby to develop the most comprehensively.
  • Adding 5 types of natural Nucleotides to help strengthen the baby’s immune system.
  • Contains Oligo Galacto sugar to strengthen beneficial bacteria in the intestines – Bifidus, baby is calm, less constipated.
  • Supplementing with natural DHA indirectly supports brain and visual development for babies.

599,000 won

  • The taste is like breast milk, the sweet and cool taste helps babies easily get used to and love milk.
  • Help your baby develop comprehensively, without worrying about constipation thanks to 5 Nucleotides for a healthy digestive system.
  • Β-carotene is like breast milk for a healthy immune system

How to make Glico 0 milk correctly and notes for moms

The correct way of making Glico milk is very important because it directly affects the quality of milk. If the milk is too diluted, it will make the baby not absorb enough nutrients, and if it is too thick, it will affect the baby’s kidneys. Therefore, parents need to know for sure how to properly mix Glico milk below.

Sterilize tools and related utensils (milk bottles…)

In the process of making Glico milk or any type of formula, the first thing mothers have to do is sterilize the tools and utensils necessary for milk preparation (bottles, nipples, lids of bottles, cups, etc.) spoon…) by boiling the tool in boiling water for 3-5 minutes.

In addition, do not forget to wash your hands before preparing milk.

Sterilize milk bottles with specialized machines

Sterilize milk bottles with a specialized sterilizer before mixing to ensure hygiene

Pay attention to the percentage of Glico milk of zero that needs to be mixed

All Glico No.0 or No.9 milk cartons come with measuring spoons included. The amount of powdered milk from 1 tablespoon of milk across the mouth is about 2.6g, which will be mixed with 20ml of milk. The standard Glico No.0 milk mix is ​​boiled water cooled to 70 degrees.

For example: If you want to make 5 tablespoons of milk for your baby, you need 100ml of nóng water at 70 degrees or more.

How to get Glico horizontal milk wiper right

Parents should measure the amount of powdered milk according to the child’s drinking needs

Dosage of Glico No. 0 milk:

Glico formula dosage table No. 0

Glico No.0 milk dosage table suitable for baby’s age and weight

How to make Standard 0 Glico Milk

Above are the mother’s notes in the process of making milk for the baby. Below will be a detailed guide on how to make the most standard Glico 0 milk for mothers.

  • Step 1: Parents prepare a full range of milk-making tools and boiled water to cool to 70 degrees. Mothers can use a thermometer to measure the temperature of the water mixed with milk to know the most accurate.
  • Step 2: Put the required number of spoons of powdered milk (follow the table above) into the bottle.
  • Step 3: Slowly pour 2/3 of the amount of water to be mixed into the bottle, cover the bottle tightly, and then shake gently to dissolve the milk. (Note: because boiling water cools at 70 degrees, please use a bottle liner to avoid burns).
  • Step 4: Add the remaining 1/3 of the water to the bottle (make sure the water is still at 70 degrees) and shake again to dissolve the milk.
  • Step 5: Cool the milk to 38 degrees and give it to your baby to use. Mothers can use cold water to soak the bottle to cool quickly. Please pay attention to check the temperature to prevent the milk from getting too cold or too nóng by using a thermometer or putting a few drops of milk on your wrist.


Instructions on how to make Japanese Glico milk properly

How to make Glico No.0 milk in stick form Also follow the above 5 steps. However, in the second step, the mother also only needs to determine the amount of milk the baby will drink and use the corresponding number of milk and water bars.

For example: If you want to give your baby 200ml of Glico No.0 milk in bars, instead of using 5 spoons of milk powder, use 2 milk bars.

Milk Glico No. 0 in bar form

Glico Milk Bar 0 is very convenient, suitable for carrying when going out

Instructions for making Glico No. 1 (No. 9) milk properly

Glico No. 1 milk (also known as Glico No. 9) for babies from 9 to 36 months old has the following mixing method:

Pay attention to the amount of Glico milk No. 1 (No. 9) for your baby by month of age

Depending on the number of months of the baby’s age, the amount of nutrition (the amount of milk) needed for the baby is different. In each can of Glico No. 1 milk, there is a milk measuring spoon. Some information about Glico milk that mothers need to refer to follows:

  • 1 tablespoon of horizontal milk is equivalent to 5.44g of Glico milk.
  • 5.44g of Glico milk will produce 40ml of finished milk.
  • Water for making milk must be boiled water, cooled at 40 – 50 degrees Celsius.

Dosage of Glico 9 in milk on the lid of the box

Instructions on the dosage of Glico 1 in milk on the lid of the box

Dosage of Glico No.1 milk:

Glico 9 milk mix dosage table

Parents should pay attention to the baby’s milk needs to mix the right amount of milk for the baby.

Instructions on how to make Glico 1 milk properly

The way to make Glico No. 1 milk is similar to the way to make Glico No. 0 milk. The only difference is in the amount of milk needed for the baby as well as the temperature of the water to make the milk.

  • Step 1: Use a milk spatula to measure the amount of milk needed for the baby into the bottle.
  • Step 2: Pour 2/3 of the amount of water to be mixed with milk into the bottle. Water for making milk must meet the above standards, cover and shake well to dissolve milk.
  • Step 3: Continue to pour 1/3 of the required amount of water into the milk bottle, the water for the milk must still be boiled to cool down to 50 degrees Celsius. Close the bottle and continue to shake well to ensure that the milk is evenly dissolved and completely dissolved.
  • Step 4: Cool the milk to 38 degrees Celsius and then give it to your baby to drink. Suggestions for mothers how to cool milk quickly is that mothers can soak the milk in cold water. Mothers check the temperature of milk by putting a few drops of milk on the wrist, if it is warm, it can be used by the baby.

Note to the mother: Because the temperature of the milk-making water is 50 degrees Celsius, the mother should use a towel to ensure no thermal burns.

How to properly prepare Glico milk to ensure the best quality

Mix the standard Glico No. 1 milk according to the instructions to ensure the best milk quality for your baby

For Glico milk bar, parents also follow the above 4 steps. However, instead of using a spoon to measure milk, Glico No. 1 milk bar has a standard dose for each bar. Therefore, parents only need to see how the child’s milk needs are and take the corresponding number of bars to make milk.

For example: Mom’s baby needs to drink 200ml of milk, parents only need to take 2 Glico No. 1 milk bars to mix.

Simple way to sterilize baby bottles

Sterilize milk bottles as well as milk-making equipment to ensure hygiene and safety

Frequently asked questions about Glico milk

In the process of making Glico milk as well as preserving, parents have many questions to answer. Let’s find out the answer with SAKUKO right here.

How long does Glico milk last?

For Glico milk, after mixing, parents should give it to children to drink to ensure nutritional quality, taste as well as ensure safety and hygiene. The maximum time parents can let the baby reuse the mixed milk is 2 hours. Therefore, parents should pay attention to the time if they intend to let the child reuse the mixed milk.

Give your baby milk immediately after mixing or up to 2 hours

Give your baby milk immediately after mixing or up to 2 hours

Can Glico milk be diluted or thicker than measured?

All formula milk lines have been thoroughly researched in terms of composition as well as quantity. Therefore, parents should mix milk according to the quantity recommended by the manufacturer on the product packaging. Because if you arbitrarily change the dosage, making Glico milk thinner or thicker, leading to the baby not absorbing all nutrients or excess nutrients, causing waste, directly affecting the health and development of the child.

Should you or should not store the blended Glico milk in the refrigerator?

As for Glico milk, if it is finished, parents should give it to the baby to drink. In case the baby does not drink it all, parents can drink the excess or discard it. The maximum shelf life of Glico milk after being mixed is 2 hours.

However, the manufacturer does not recommend storing reconstituted milk in the refrigerator. Because temperature, the number of times of opening and closing the cabinet, the fresh foods in the refrigerator, etc. are all factors that affect the quality of milk. Therefore, parents should mix milk when the child needs it and mix the right amount of milk for the baby.

Avoid mixing too much milk and store it in the refrigerator

Parents should not store excess Glico milk in the refrigerator, but should drink or discard it

How long can Glico milk be used after opening?

Glico milk after opening should be used up within 1 month to ensure milk quality.

Parents should store milk at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight, avoid high temperature or humid places. At the same time, parents should close the lid tightly after each use so that the milk does not absorb moisture as well as be penetrated by external factors such as insects, dirt, etc.

Is Glico milk mixed with a lot of foam or clumps?

Glico milk in both bar and powder form will be dissolved very quickly if the standard temperature water is used. Therefore, parents just need to use a spoon to stir or close the lid of the bottle and shake it gently to dissolve the milk.

  • If the milk after mixing has a lot of foam, it may be because the parents have shaken the milk too hard and many times. In this case, parents just need to change the way the milk is mixed, it can be overcome, just use a spoon to gently stir or shake the milk to dissolve evenly.
  • If the milk is curdled, two things can happen: (1) the milk is moist and (2) the water is too cold or too nóng. In this case, parents only need to pay attention to how to store milk after opening the lid and use water at the right temperature to make milk according to standards.

Compare curdled milk with normal

Store milk properly so as not to clump and affect milk quality

SAKUKO – The place to buy genuine Glico milk in Japan, good price

Glico Milk is one of the leading Japanese milk brands that is very popular because it provides a high source of nutrients to help babies develop comprehensively. If parents are in need of buying Glico milk for their baby, please visit SAKUKO to:

  • Buy genuine domestic Japanese milk at Vietnam price, rest assured about quality and price.
  • Shopping directly at showrooms, stores or trực tuyến is convenient and fast: SAKUKO has 13 large supermarkets in the inner city of Hanoi and 15 franchised supermarkets and more than 500 distribution agents nationwide. Besides, SAKUKO builds an easy and fast trực tuyến shopping system via: Fanpage, Website, hotline 1800 0010.
  • The staff that advise directly at the store and on the hotline are knowledgeable about the product and enthusiastic: Parents who have any questions or concerns about Japanese domestic products at SAKUKO’s system can contact for advice.

SAKUKO - Japanese supermarket with Vietnamese prices

SAKUKO confidently brings Japanese domestic products with Vietnamese prices to Vietnamese people

Parents can order genuine Glico milk at a discounted price right here:

(Insert code to display Glico milk products similar to the image below)

To receive more detailed advice and order quickly and reliably, you can immediately contact the hotline: 1800 0010. SAKUKO’s staff is always ready to answer enthusiastically and quickly your questions. mothers.

Hotline: 19001080

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Cách pha sữa Glico số 0, số 1 CHUẨN theo hướng dẫn của NSX

#Cách #pha #sữa #Glico #số #số #CHUẨN #theo #hướng #dẫn #của #NSX


#Cách #pha #sữa #Glico #số #số #CHUẨN #theo #hướng #dẫn #của #NSX


#Cách #pha #sữa #Glico #số #số #CHUẨN #theo #hướng #dẫn #của #NSX


#Cách #pha #sữa #Glico #số #số #CHUẨN #theo #hướng #dẫn #của #NSX


#Cách #pha #sữa #Glico #số #số #CHUẨN #theo #hướng #dẫn #của #NSX


#Cách #pha #sữa #Glico #số #số #CHUẨN #theo #hướng #dẫn #của #NSX



#Cách #pha #sữa #Glico #số #số #CHUẨN #theo #hướng #dẫn #của #NSX

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