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Các loại bánh gạo ăn dặm Nhật tốt mẹ nên chọn cho con

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Japanese weaning rice cake is a nutritious product that is loved by many nursing mothers. When the child is 6 months old, the mother often buys rice cakes for snacks to have more delicious food for her child’s snacks. In this article, XachTayNhat.Store will suggest to you good Japanese weaning rice cakes that you should choose.

65,000 won

  • For babies 7 months and up
  • Delicious taste, supplemented with DHA
  • Miễn phí of colorants and preservatives

69,000 won

  • For children from 6 months old
  • The cake is easy to eat, melts quickly in the mouth
  • Provide calcium and vegetables
  • Natural, safe ingredients

Top quality Japanese weaning rice cakes for babies

Referring to Japanese rice cakes, it is impossible not to mention products of famous and long-standing brands such as Pigeon, Kameda or Beanstalk. Let’s learn with XachTayNhat.Store the outstanding features of each type of weaning cake above!

Pigeon Rice Cake

Pigeon is one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of products for mothers and babies, having been operating for over 60 years since its establishment in 1957. Currently, Pigeon has brought its products to people. consumption in more than 40 countries. This is a testament to Pigeon’s constant efforts and product quality.

Japanese rice cake for baby Pigeon weaning is suitable for the age of 6-7 months, with many delicious flavors.

Ingredient: Pigeon weaning rice cake contains a lot of nutrients such as vitamins (A, B1, B2, C, D, E, K), protein, minerals (calcium, iron, zinc, iodine,…), DHA, omega 3 and fiber. These ingredients work to support the baby’s comprehensive brain and physical development.

Outstanding Features:

  • REMOVEJapanese snack rice light Pigeon has Diverse flavors, designed to suit the taste of children from 6 months old. Outstanding flavors include sardines, vegetables, seaweed, etc. Thus, mothers can refresh their children’s meals every day with different flavors of Pigeon snacks, avoiding causing problems for their children. Bored with the usual flour and porridge dishes.
  • Pigeon rice cakes for babies to eat with The texture is crispy and easy to melt, making it easy for babies to eat and learn to chew and swallow.
  • Piece of Pigeon rice cake Designed with lovely shapes to help stimulate children’s curiosity. Especially, the piece of cake has a compact size, so parents can rest assured that the baby will take the initiative to eat the cake by himself without choking or choking.
  • Pigeon rice cake is okay Packed in paper box or small bag, very convenient for the mother to use and preserve if the baby does not eat it all.

Classify: Pigeon rice cake products are mainly for 6-7 month old babies. Each type has a characteristic, attractive taste:

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Kameda rice cake

Kameda is a reputable and long-standing baby rice cake manufacturer in Japan. Since 1975, Kameda has always held the leading position in the field of rice cake business for children. Kameda’s products always meet Japan’s strict standards for food safety.

Kameda snacks always uphold the criteria of quality and safety.

Ingredient: Kameda manufacturer always carefully selects and uses natural ingredients to ensure the best nutritional content in each product. REMOVELight rice baby food from Japan brand Kameda provides children with fiber, calcium, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals needed for the important weaning period.

Outstanding Features:

  • Natural taste, delicious from vegetables is the highlight of Kameda weaning rice cakes. The delicious, mild taste of rice will help babies get used to eating more easily, and at the same time stimulate children to eat more.
  • Kameda weaning rice cake has Crispy texture will help your baby learn to eat safely.
  • Kameda rice cake pack Includes many convenient small packages. Each pack of small cakes makes it easy for moms to use without worrying about wasting it if they don’t eat it all. Moreover, the mother can bring a few packs of cakes when going out with her baby instead of having to carry a big bag.

Classify: REMOVEJapanese rice light for babies to eat Kameda for 7 months old baby solid food comes in two flavors from vegetables and delicious white rice.

Beanstalk Rice Cake

The Beanstalk brand creates nutritional products from large-scale scientific research to bring the highest value in health to children. Inspired by the story “Jack and the magic bean tree”, Beanstalk always wants to help children grow up healthy every day.

Beanstalk has a variety of rice cakes for babies 6 months and 9 months old.

Ingredient: Nutritional composition in Japanese weaning rice cake Beanstalk is balanced between the necessary groups of substances, including fiber from vegetables, protein, fat, vitamins and other minerals. In particular, the calcium content in the cake is very high, helping the baby develop strong teeth and bones.

Outstanding Features:

  • Beanstalk weaning rice cake It is made from rice and vegetables, so it has a taste that perfectly suits your baby’s taste. The natural aroma and sweet taste of the cake will help children love to eat and be more appetizing.
  • Every piece of Beanstalk’s rice cake It has a spongy texture, helping your baby learn to chew safely during the teething period.
  • The cake is long, thin, and has rounded ends to ensure that it does not hurt your baby’s delicate teeth and gums.. With this design, the mother can rest assured that the baby will hold the cake by himself to practice chewing and swallowing.

Classify: Japanese baby rice cake weaning Beanstalk helps babies from 6 months and 9 months to learn solid foods quickly with a completely easy-to-eat taste.

Uses of Japanese weaning rice cakes

Not only providing babies with important nutrients for the body, Japanese rice cakes are also loved by many mothers because of their variety of flavors and shapes.

  • Helps increase Carbohydrates to quickly replenish energy for babies when hungry: Carbohydrates are one of the three main nutritional components that provide the energy needed by a child’s nervous system and muscles every day.
  • Supplementing fiber for the baby’s digestive system to work better: When children cannot eat vegetables, Japanese rice cakes are an effective source of fiber for the body. You need to give your baby enough fiber to promote bowel movements and help your baby avoid constipation.
  • Stimulate the baby’s taste buds to eat more deliciously: Thanks to its delicious taste and lovely shape, Japanese rice cakes will make babies excited to actively eat and eat more without the mother forcing them.
  • Diversify the baby’s weaning thực đơn: Weaning rice cakes have many attractive flavors from seafood, tubers, green vegetables,… Mothers have more choices of flavors to prepare new, non-boring side meals for babies.

Fiber in Japanese snack rice cake plays a very important role in the absorption of nutrients in children.

Is Japanese rice cake good for snacks?

Is Japanese weaning rice cake good or not is a question that many mothers ask when choosing weaning products for their children. XachTayNhat.Store would like to answer for her mother that Japanese rice cake products for weaning babies are always rated as good because of their quality, safety and rich nutritional content..

Natural ingredients, carefully selected and produced according to Japanese quality standards. The main ingredients of Japanese weaning rice cakes are high-quality rice, natural vegetables, seafood, etc., so they are completely healthy for children. In particular, the product does not contain harmful chemicals such as preservatives, colorants, …

Japanese rice cakes are safe for children because they only use natural ingredients and have been carefully censored.

Provides many nutrients to help children develop comprehensively such as vitamins, minerals, DHA,…

  • Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, E, K are indispensable names in the thực đơn to help children maximize their physical development, strengthen the immune system and perfect the digestive system.
  • Large amount of calcium Help your baby grow taller and have strong teeth.
  • Other minerals such as iron, zinc, iodine,… help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and support the function of the nervous system.s
  • Omega 3 and DHA It is an indispensable part of the child’s brain.

Easy to eat, easy to taste, let the baby quickly get used to and enjoy the meal. However, the mother should change the taste of the cake regularly so that the baby does not lose interest in the snack.

Soft, easy-to-dissolve porous texture, help your baby have a safe meal. This feature helps the baby avoid choking and choking when eating.

Cake shape: Japanese rice cakes are usually available slim, elongated shape, easy to grip, for babies to practice grasping skills and self-feeding. These are important skills children need to master as they grow up.

Attention when using Japanese weaning rice cakes for babies

Parents need to know the following notes to choose the most suitable and safest Japanese baby rice cake for their children:

  • Use cakes suitable for your baby’s age: Mothers need to carefully observe the packaging to choose products that correspond to the development stage of the baby. Manufacturers often write the month of age on the packaging for easy identification.
  • Feeding time should be at least 1 hour from the main meal: Weaning rice cakes should not be considered as the main meal but only as a snack to supplement nutrition for the baby.
  • When the baby is just starting to eat rice cakes, the mother should cut the cake into small pieces to make it easier for the baby to eat, to avoid choking or choking. If the baby does not like the crispy cake, the mother can break the cake into small pieces and mix it with milk into a soft powder and then feed the baby with small spoons.
  • Give your baby milk/water to drink after eating to avoid choking.

Remember to choose the right cake for your child’s age.

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The address to buy genuine Japanese rice cakes for snacks

XachTayNhat.Store Japanese Store is a reputable domestic Japanese supermarket system with more than 10 years of experience that mothers can completely trust when shopping. Genuine Japanese snack for you. Only when buying genuine cakes for children can mothers ensure the safety of children’s health.

When shopping at XachTayNhat.Store, mother is not only assured of the origin and quality of the product, but also has all questions answered before buying from enthusiastic and experienced sales staff. In addition, XachTayNhat.Store regularly organizes promotions and offers to help her mother save on shopping costs.

To buy Japanese weaning rice cakes, you can order trực tuyến on the website in the following order:

Step 1: Find products to buy

How to order Japanese rice cakes for snacks step 1

Type the name/product information into the search box and press the “Search” button (magnifying glass icon).

Step 2: Select the product you want to buy

How to order Japanese rice cakes for snacks step 2

Select the product you want to buy on the displayed list. Click on the product name to view detailed product information.

Step 3: Review the product. Ordered.

How to order Japanese rice cakes for snacks step 3

Look carefully at the information, pictures, and prices of the product before deciding to buy. Select the “Quantity of products” you want to buy and click “Add to Cart”.

Step 4: Order information.

Apply discount code (if any) then fill in buyer information, delivery information when the payment page interface is displayed.

In addition, you can also apply one of the following ordering methods:

  • Method 1: Order by phone 1800 0010 (8h10 – 21h00 daily).
  • Method 2: Order by chatting with a XachTayNhat.Store Japanese Store consultant, our chat tool in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Method 3: Order at supermarkets. Choose one of the Supermarkets and call the hotline number of the respective supermarket.


With this article, XachTayNhat.Store has analyzed in detail the taste, uses, and outstanding features of Japanese snack rice cake under the Pigeon, Kameda and Beanstalk brands. When choosing a cake, you should pay attention to the age of your child to choose the corresponding product and try to choose many different flavors for your child to try. If you still have questions about Japanese rice cakes, please contact the hotline!

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Các loại bánh gạo ăn dặm Nhật tốt mẹ nên chọn cho con

#Các #loại #bánh #gạo #ăn #dặm #Nhật #tốt #mẹ #nên #chọn #cho #con


#Các #loại #bánh #gạo #ăn #dặm #Nhật #tốt #mẹ #nên #chọn #cho #con


#Các #loại #bánh #gạo #ăn #dặm #Nhật #tốt #mẹ #nên #chọn #cho #con


#Các #loại #bánh #gạo #ăn #dặm #Nhật #tốt #mẹ #nên #chọn #cho #con


#Các #loại #bánh #gạo #ăn #dặm #Nhật #tốt #mẹ #nên #chọn #cho #con


#Các #loại #bánh #gạo #ăn #dặm #Nhật #tốt #mẹ #nên #chọn #cho #con



#Các #loại #bánh #gạo #ăn #dặm #Nhật #tốt #mẹ #nên #chọn #cho #con

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