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The Noodle và Boo Baby Skin Care line is a great set of products that are specially formulated for ababy"s skin. The scents are gentle và the packaging is parent-friendly. Packed with Vi-Ta-Min C & Vi-Ta-Min E, your baby"s skin will be moisturized và nourished.

This handy massage oil comes in a pump size with just a touch of aromatherapy for a calming effect. While California Baby has many fragrances, this one is our favorite. It"s a great idea for a baby shower gift and helps make baby mas sa quiông chồng and easy to lớn ensure it gets incorporated into lớn diaper changes or bath time.

Delightfully scented baby lotion that goes in without being greasy. It also is chemical-miễn phí, making it safe for your baby's skin and system. The lovely orange và vanilla combination is just enough fragrance khổng lồ make you smile every time you smell your baby.

Mustela is famous for its baby products. This lotion is very popular and for good reason. While the scent can be too much for those sensitive lớn smells, the plant-based formula provides instant relief for your little one. Lightweight and intensely moisturizing, reviewers rave sầu about how soft it makes their baby's skin feel.

"We are a Mustela family! I will always associate the newborn phase with the lovely scent of Mustela products. One of my favorites is the micellar water, which makes their bums smell nice and soothes the skin after a blowout diaper. We also used it in the bath water when we gave sầu her sponge baths in those first two weeks. The shampoo/body wash hyrbid và toàn thân lotion are staples in her French bebe-inspired bath routine." — Lauren Levinson, Editorial Director, Verywell Family

Stelatopia Moisturizing Cream from Mustela is not overly fragrant and the application is smooth. It's also gentle enough that my child with eczema can use it without having their skin irritated. While expensive, it does the triông chồng when so many others of equal expense bởi vì not. It is also great for the mother-to-be who has sensitive skin.

This is a great sản phẩm, particularly for washing slippery babies. This also gives you control so you don't have sầu liquids running in the baby's eyes. It does a great job of getting your baby clean. While you're washing your little one, you'll instantly fall in love with the lovely scent.

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This balm can be used for everything và is safe for little ones with sensitive sầu or eczema-prone skin. The creamy ointment is made with plant-based ingredients lớn help moisturize the skin but doesn't leave behind a greasy feeling. It's safe for newborns and doesn't contain a fragrance.

Say goodbye khổng lồ traditional baby powder and hello to lớn modern baby powder. This talc-miễn phí cream is a great mess-miễn phí alternative to lớn traditional baby powder that leaves behind a trắng residue. Instead, you simply squeeze out the cream và rub it into baby's skin for any irritation or chaffing problems. There's no residue left behind thanks to lớn the product's velvety finish and plant-derived ingredients.

Soothe baby's face with this ultra-rich organic calendula coconut balm from Earth Mama. This cheek balm is an alternative to the traditional petroleum jelly sản phẩm & helps moisturize baby's skin, whether it's dry a chin or drippy nose. You'll find no petroleum, parabens, GMOs, fragrance, or artificial preservatives in the balm.

Protect baby's skin while out và about with a sunscreen that has SPF 50 & resembles lotion. It's great for little ones with sensitive skin, & is water- & sweat-resistant for up to 80 minutes. The sunscreen is designed with a tear-không tính tiền formula that's hypoallergenic và paraben-free, phthalate-miễn phí, fragrance-free, & non-greasy.

For fragrance-không tính phí lotion you want lớn use daily, consider Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Body Lotion for Delicate Skin (view at Amazon). The deeply moisturizing natural colloidal oatmeal keeps your sweetie"s skin supple and soft all day long. There"s also the California Baby Calming Diaper Area Wash (view at Amazon) that"s a great option for diaper changes. It helps cleanse a sensitive sầu area in a non-burning fashion & has a delightful scent.

What khổng lồ Look for When Buying Baby Skin Care Products

Skin Type

Caring for a baby’s skin can seem a bit scary because you don’t want lớn put anything on your little one that will cause a reaction. Knowing your child’s skin type và the ingredients in products will help you avoid any reactions. It will also ensure your baby’s skin is in the best condition possible. 

There are many different skin issues babies can have, lượt thích dry skin, eczema, baby acne, & more. You’ll find dozens of different products on the market for these skin types, but picking one out can be tricky. For example, if your baby has sensitive skin, go for products that are fragrance-miễn phí & hypoallergenic. These will be less likely to cause a reaction on your little one’s skin. 


While you want lớn take care of your baby’s skin, you’ll want lớn consider the purpose of the product, too. Buying the right products for your baby’s specific needs will help your little one’s skin in the long run, especially if they have sầu skin issues. 

If you’re wanting to clean up baby’s diaper area during changes, look specifically for diaper area wash instead of lotions. But if your baby is suffering from dry skin or eczema, you’ll want lớn purchase products that address those two problems, lượt thích creams or lotions. These will moisturize baby’s skin with necessary vitamins & leave sầu the skin feeling soft & gentle.


It’s no surprise many babies are born with sensitive sầu skin, making the hunt for skin care products just a bit more difficult. Lotions, creams, & other products with fragrance should be avoided and you’ll want khổng lồ kiểm tra out products that are hypoallergenic. 

Part of sensitive skin for babies includes eczema, which should be treated with care. While it’s very comtháng in children, it can leave behind red, dry patches on the skin which may feel itchy. Products like the Mustela Stelatopia Emollient Baby Cream (view at Amazon) are aimed at nourishing eczema-prone skin. But, if you struggle with your baby’s eczema even after using an over-the-counter hàng hóa, talk to lớn your child’s pediatrician to lớn see if a dermatologist needs lớn step in.

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