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Kao biore uv aqua rich watery gel sunscreen spf50+ big size 155ml

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The new Biore water-based sunbloông chồng introduces an advance micro defense formula, allowing the sunscreen to evenly glides onlớn the surface và preventing an uneven coating of the sản phẩm lớn a micro màn chơi gap.

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With the reformulation increased khổng lồ PA++++, the texture remains identical khổng lồ the old famously loved formula, offering a smooth & light finish without the skin feeling sticky. Its light texture allows the skin to feel moisturized as well as protected all at once. It also works great as a makeup primer.

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SPF50+ và PA++++Water resistanceCan be used as a makeup baseLight and comfortable textureColorlessGentle scent of white muguet


The world"s first* Micro Defense Technology. Prevents uneven application even in “micro-level” gaps.

Very light "Outer skin”

*A sunscreen prescription containing "Micro UV Cut Capsules" consisting of amphipathic ingredients (properties that are compatible with both water và oil) including glyceryl behenate & sorbirã distearate by a unique manufacturing method (technical retìm kiếm và Mintel nhật bản database in July 2018, retìm kiếm conducted by Bioré)



The 6 different components khổng lồ improve your bare skin

(6 components to improve sầu your skin)

Hydrating water capsules that prevents your skin from dryingMoisturizing ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Royal Jelly extract and Butylene GlycolSuper waterproof but comes off easily with soapmàu sắc and White cast freeDifficult khổng lồ inhibit pimples & acne *Allergy tested *

* Please note that this does not mean that it would prsự kiện pimple/acne or allergy reaction for all people



A soft scent of Trắng muguet is made up using three different scents: Fresh Citrus, Watery Muguet & Gentle Wood.