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5 Tuyệt chiêu giúp mẹ kiểm tra sữa Morinaga số 0 GIẢ hay THẬT

Có phải bạn đang tìm kiếm chủ đề về => 5 Tuyệt chiêu giúp mẹ rà soát sữa Morinaga số 0 GIẢ hay THẬT phải ko? Nếu đúng tương tự thì mời bạn xem nó ngay tại đây. Xem thêm các tri thức hay về làm đẹp khác tại đây => Làm Đẹp

On the market today, although not yet recorded Morinaga milk nhái giả zero but still carries a high risk. Therefore, parents need to learn carefully and equip themselves with the necessary knowledge to distinguish nhái giả Morinaga 0 milk – real to avoid unfortunate consequences. 5 great ways to check whether Morinaga milk is genuine or not below will be very useful for parents.

469,000 won

  • Supplement Lactoferrin to support the digestive system
  • Supplementing with probiotics Bifidus prevents constipation
  • Supplementing with DHA / ARA helps babies develop eyesight and brain
  • The taste is similar to breast milk, you can feed your baby with both breast milk and formula

189,000 won

  • Compact stick form convenient for dispensing and carrying.
  • The taste and aroma are similar to breast milk, so the baby cooperates to drink and does not hate the mother.
  • Supplementing with Lactoferrin, naturally found in breast milk, helps strengthen the immune system.
  • Lactulose and Raffinose ingredients help babies absorb and digest better, limiting constipation.

Is Morinaga Milk No. 0 nhái giả?

Morinaga milk tests so far have not detected nhái giả Morinaga milk zero. However, in the future with the popularity of Morinaga milk in particular and Japanese dairy products in general, the risk of milk being faked is still possible. In fact, the term “false zero Morinaga milk” now comes from the incorrect judgment of many parents, namely:

Improper storage of milk

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, milk should be stored in a dry place, avoid high temperatures and used up within 1 month after opening. Instead, many parents keep it in the wrong way to let direct sunlight come in or use it for longer than 1 month after opening the lid. Therefore, the milk is curdled, discolored, has a strange smell, but is not actually nhái giả milk.

Improper storage makes Morinaga zero milk clump like fake milk

If stored incorrectly, it can cause Morinaga milk zero to clump, change color, and have a strange smell that makes the mother think it is nhái giả milk.

Misunderstanding imported milk as nhái giả milk

Morinaga milk No. 0 has 2 types: imported milk and domestic milk. Some mothers think Morinaga milk is Japanese milk, so it is necessary to print the Japanese packaging to be the real product. I understand that is not correct. Because imported Morinaga milk is completely printed in Vietnamese, it is in accordance with the regulations on goods labels. Imported milk is also produced by Morinaga with modern production lines like domestic milk, ensuring nutrition and hygiene standards.

However, to ensure that you can buy genuine and quality Morinaga milk, parents should know the 5 useful distinctions below.

5 ways to distinguish genuine Morinaga 0 milk that is useful for mothers

Currently on the market there are 3 genuine milk products are:

  • Morinaga Milk No. 0 imported The packaging is completely printed in Vietnamese.
  • Morinaga Milk No. 0 domestic The packaging is completely printed in Japanese
  • Morinaga Milk No. 0 imported domestically The packaging is printed in Japanese but with Vietnamese sub-stamp.

Genuine Morinaga Milk No.0 is fully stamped

Genuine domestic Morinaga milk with additional stamps in Vietnamese, on the packaging is completely printed in Japanese

You can refer to the ways to distinguish genuine products below to avoid buying nhái giả Morinaga milk.

Barcode check

Japanese domestic Morinaga milk has a barcode of 49. First, check the barcode to see if the product is genuine or not.

In addition, you need to observe whether the product barcode is printed carefully, meticulously, clearly displayed or not. Poorly printed, sloppy, blurred or disproportionate barcodes are all signs of Morinaga product 0 being faked or counterfeited.

Look closely at the packaging

Real, genuine milk will have intact packaging, no distortion, scratches. On the contrary, nhái giả and counterfeit milk can reuse the packaging and the real box, so it is inevitable that it will be old, blurred, etc.

Genuine Morinaga milk packaging No. 0 sturdy, sharp printing

Genuine domestic No.0 Morinaga milk distributed by SAKUKO has sharp, meticulous and clear printed product packaging.

See the expiration date printed on the milk carton

Real, genuine Morinaga milk products will display expiry date information on the bottom of the can in year/month/day format. You should pay attention to see if the milk is still due; The term has been printed meticulously; print the correct format of genuine milk or not.

Observe and feel directly Morinaga milk No. 0

Checking the barcode, packaging, and expiration date is the first step for you to determine if Morinaga milk product No. 0 is a nhái giả or not. The next step is to observe and feel the product directly by comparing according to the following criteria:

Criteria Morinaga Milk is real zero Milk Morinaga number 0 nhái giả or spoiled milk
Color Light yellow Dark, uneven yellow
Feelings Smooth Clotted
Smell Light, natural fragrance No fragrance
Product uniformity The milk layer above and below the box has the same color, taste, and consistency There is no uniformity
Product testing The taste is light, not bitter, light taste easy to drink Not fragrant, may have a pungent smell, difficult to drink

Morinaga Milk No.0 genuine, even color

Genuine Morinaga No.0 milk has a light yellow color, even color and smoothness

Only choose to buy milk at large, reputable supermarkets and systems

Formula milk is a nutritional product used directly for babies. You should be very careful to buy real and genuine dairy products at supermarkets, large and reputable distribution systems.

You can refer to the genuine Japanese No.0 Morinaga milk product being distributed at SAKUKO supermarket system. SAKUKO is one of the leading units in the field of distribution and retailing of domestic Japanese products in Vietnam today.

Recognize genuine domestic and imported Morinaga milk No.0 in Vietnam market

To avoid buying nhái giả Morinaga milk, parents should equip themselves with the knowledge to recognize genuine milk.

Morinaga Milk No. 0 domestic; Genuine imported milk and genuine imported milk are genuine products manufactured by Morinaga. To identify these 3 dairy products, you can base on the labeling system, specifically:

  • Domestic milk is a product for the Japanese market, printed entirely in Japanese.
  • Imported domestic milk Genuine is a product for the Japanese market, with packaging printed in Japanese but stamped in Vietnamese. Additional stamps have full information about the origin, nutritional composition, preparation and preservation of milk.
  • Genuine imported milk is a product manufactured by Morinaga exclusively for the Vietnamese market, using packaging printed entirely in Vietnamese.

Genuine Morinaga Milk No.0 with Vietnamese sub-stamp

No. 0 Morinaga milk in Japan, distributed by reputable units, is stamped with full Vietnamese stamps, unlike nhái giả and hand-carried goods floating on the market.

Is it better to buy domestic zero or imported Morinaga milk?

To determine whether domestic or imported Morinaga milk is better, please compare these 2 products with SAKUKO. Specifically:

General features

  • Comply with strict production standards, high product quality
  • The same milk has a light taste, a natural aroma similar to breast milk
  • As “vegetable milk” to support children’s good digestion
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Together with DHA, ARA, Taurine, Choline in a balanced ratio to help children develop nervous system, vision, enhance brain development, memory ability of children.
  • Help children develop a balance, comprehensive in height, weight, physical and intellectual, thinking
  • Supplementing with Lactoferrin helps children’s digestive system to be healthy, limiting constipation and diarrhea in children.
  • With the addition of Nucleotide to help children have a healthy immune system, less illness
Comparative Criteria Morinaga Milk No. 0 domestic Morinaga Milk No. 0 imported
Information printed on the package The product is numbered 0. Information printed on the package is entirely in Japanese or has an additional stamp in Vietnamese. Products are numbered 1. Information is entirely in Vietnamese.
Nutritional ingredients Suitable for Japanese children’s nutrition. There are iodine, zinc, and Biotin supplements to match the nutrition of Vietnamese children.
Amount of fiber Without the addition of iodine, zinc, and biotin ingredients, domestic milk provides a higher fiber content. Milk is still cool, high in fiber, helps babies digest well, less constipation but not as much as domestic milk.
Price About 490,000 VND – 520,000 VND for 800g tin box (Buy at SAKUKO to receive many attractive promotions). About 480,000 VND – 525,000 VND / 800g tin box.
Expiry 18 months from date of manufacture. 24 months from date of manufacture.

Through the above comparison, it can be seen that basically the nutritional composition and uses of domestic or imported Morinaga milk are equivalent. Therefore, it is good for mothers to choose to use imported or domestic milk for their children. However, mothers need to make sure to choose genuine milk.

Both domestic and imported milk provide good nutrition for babies

Both domestic and imported Morinaga milk can help children develop a balance of both physical and intellectual development.

Domestic milk is cheaper than imported milk, so if you decide to use it for a long time, you can consider choosing genuine domestic No.0 Morinaga milk to save a lot of money.

To ensure that you can buy genuine domestic Morinaga milk, you should look to large, reputable distribution systems instead of buying portable, floating, unknown origin on the market. Large units supplying Japanese domestic products are licensed for circulation by the authorities in Vietnam. When there is a problem, these companies and units will take responsibility and ensure the best interests of consumers.

See more: Morinaga milk review no.0 helps mothers to have enough information to choose milk for their babies

The experience of buying genuine Morinaga milk 0 gives mothers peace of mind

To buy genuine Morinaga zero milk, avoid buying nhái giả milk, poor quality milk, mothers can refer to the following experiences:

  • Buy milk at supermarkets, large and reputable distribution systems like SAKUKO with clear papers, ensuring origin and origin.
  • Refer to the product information on the website in advance such as ingredients, uses of the product, distributor, brand before buying.
  • Refer to the reviews and reviews of other mothers who have used Morinaga milk for their children to get an objective view.
  • The sales staff’s advice is also very helpful, helping parents have more complete information. Accordingly, parents can contact the hotline or go directly to supermarkets and product distribution systems for detailed advice.

Buy Morinaga milk at the genuine store to avoid fakes

Buy No.0 Morinaga milk in Japan at SAKUKO to ensure genuine products and enjoy many preferential prices.

SAKUKO – The No.1 domestic Japanese retail supermarket chain

Mothers can rest assured to choose to buy genuine Japanese milk in general and genuine Morinaga milk No.0 in particular at SAKUKO – the leading Japanese domestic distribution and retail system in Vietnam. Because we confidently bring to mothers and babies:

  • 100% genuine Japanese domestic products, far date: All products distributed by SAKUKO are licensed for legal circulation, with clear and transparent papers on origin and origin. In addition, dairy products with a far away date help mothers feel secure to use for their children, ensuring safety and quality.
  • Preferential prices with many attractive promotions: SAKUKO regularly has big and attractive promotions, helping mothers save significantly on costs.
  • Professional and dedicated advice: SAKUKO’s staffs are highly trained and knowledgeable about products and are always ready to support and advise you on items quickly and accurately.
  • System of showrooms and agents nationwide to facilitate shopping: SAKUKO currently has 14 retail supermarkets located at many convenient locations in the inner districts of Hanoi. Along with that, SAKUKO has developed 11 franchised agents and more than 500 distribution agents covering all provinces and cities nationwide.

SAKUKO's genuine Japanese supermarket system

SAKUKO supermarket system makes it easy for you to buy genuine Japanese domestic products.

Let your baby use it genuine milk, good priceavoid types Morinaga milk nhái giả zeropoor quality, please order now here.

To receive more detailed advice and order quickly and reliably, you can immediately contact the hotline, SAKUKO’s expert team will enthusiastically answer you!

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5 Tuyệt chiêu giúp mẹ rà soát sữa Morinaga số 0 GIẢ hay THẬT

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#Tuyệt #chiêu #giúp #mẹ #kiểm #tra #sữa #Morinaga #số #GIẢ #hay #THẬT


#Tuyệt #chiêu #giúp #mẹ #kiểm #tra #sữa #Morinaga #số #GIẢ #hay #THẬT


#Tuyệt #chiêu #giúp #mẹ #kiểm #tra #sữa #Morinaga #số #GIẢ #hay #THẬT


#Tuyệt #chiêu #giúp #mẹ #kiểm #tra #sữa #Morinaga #số #GIẢ #hay #THẬT


#Tuyệt #chiêu #giúp #mẹ #kiểm #tra #sữa #Morinaga #số #GIẢ #hay #THẬT



#Tuyệt #chiêu #giúp #mẹ #kiểm #tra #sữa #Morinaga #số #GIẢ #hay #THẬT

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